Provider Relations

Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency is committed first and foremost to our current and future clients. Our statewide provider partners are vital in the delivery of the highly-customized services needed to benefit those clients.

On this page, our goal is to eventually provide a comprehensive list of those providers whose services enable career progress for people with disabilities. If you are a GVRA service provider and would like to receive information from us as it relates to our vendors, please email us at with all relevant email addresses. Other contact information is as follows:

As this page evolves, please check back for more information that may benefit your organization and your clients.

We also want to ensure providers have access to resources, including the Outsourcing Services Manual. The Vendor Management form and the instructions for filling it out are available below. Click here to view the webinar: "Collaborative Partnerships: Strategies for CRPs on Pre-Employment Transition Services."