What We Do

Entitlement programs include Disability Insurance (SSDI) for workers who pay FICA taxes, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a disability needs program. The number of claims handled changes annually.

DAS staff obtains pertinent applicant information and uses the program legal criteria and policy standards to decide eligibility for payments. In an average month, Social Security disburses almost $387 million in disability benefits to eligible Georgia taxpayers.

Services We Provide

Benefits for those who file applications may include (on approved and/or disapproved claims):

  • Initial and first appeal decisions on federal entitlement disability programs.
  • Personal disability hearings for beneficiaries whose claims are being appealed after cessation of benefits has been recommended.
  • Eligibility determinations for health care benefits under Medicare (SSDI) and Medicaid (SSI).
  • Assistance to DFCS Medicaid Unit to determine earliest date that state Medicaid may assist with payment of a qualified individual’s past medical expenses.