Pre-Employment Transition Services

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) amends the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. WIOA now requires agencies to set aside federal funds to ensure students and youths with disabilities have opportunities to receive the training and other services necessary to achieve competitive integrated employment and secondary training or education. 


A student is eligible for Pre-Employment Services (Pre-ETS) from the ages of 14 to 21 if they are enrolled in an educational program and have a documented disability via an Individualize Education Plan (IEP), 504 plan, or other disability documentation. The disability documentation is required to begin providing Pre-ETS. 

Youths as described by the Federal regulations, are individuals not enrolled in school, with a documented disability between the ages of 14 and 24. The transition team and providers are authorized to provide Pre-ETS activities to youths as Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) customers. 

Services and Activities:

Pre-Employment Services (Pre-ETS) can be provided to both potentially eligible students or VR customers that meet the requirements above. The five (5) areas required under WIOA that Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) provides are: 

  1. Job Exploration Counseling - Assists students in discovering career opportunities in their fields of interest. 

  1. Counseling on Post-Secondary Opportunities - Information and guidance on a variety of post-secondary education and training opportunities. 

  1. Workplace Readiness Training – Teaching workplace readiness traits to include soft skills that employers seek from employees. 

  1. Work Based Learning - An educational approach or instructional methodology that uses the workplace or real work practices to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will help them connect school experiences to real-life work activities and future career opportunities. 

  1. Self-Advocacy Instruction – Developing an ability to effectively communicate, convey, negotiate or assert his/her own interests and/or desires. Self-determination means that individuals with disabilities have the freedom to plan their own lives, pursue the things that are important to them and to experience the same life opportunities as other people in their communities. 


If students require services beyond the five Pre-ETS activities, the individual may apply for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services. Once determined eligible for VR services, services are identified based on the specific needs of the individual. Transition services are more intensive, individualized services that are provided under an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). The IPE is developed with the student and outlines the intermediate objectives and services necessary to support the student in successfully meeting their specific vocational goal.  The IPE also identifies funding sources, partners, vendors, and other resources that are necessary to ensure a successful transition into competitive integrated employment. These services can last as short as a few months, or as long as a few years.  


Transition options after graduating high school: 

  • Work 
  • Local or Residential Vocational Training 
  • Post-Secondary Education 
    • Technical College 
    • 2 or 4 year College 
    • University
  • Inclusive Post Secondary Education (IPSE)

How do I request Pre-ETS? 

  • Complete the Parental Permission Form provided by Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselor.  

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Accommodation Plan provided by student's school to Vocational Rehabilitation. 

  • Collaboration and coordination between student's school and Vocational Rehabilitation.

  • Servies provided to student by Vocational Rehabilitation staff or by contracted providers. 



To begin the process with GVRA to receive Pre-Employment Services, contact your Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselor or call us at (844) FOR-GVRA (844- 367-4872). 


Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) Publications 

- Download this pdf file. Pre-ETS Rack Card 

Download this pdf file.  Pre-ETS Rack Card (Spanish)

- Download this pdf file. Pre-ETS Flyer

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