Providers and Perspective Providers

Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency is committed first and foremost to our current and future clients. Our statewide provider partners are vital in the delivery of the highly-customized services needed to benefit those Download this pdf file.clients .

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Phone: (404) 232-1998

Documents to Become a GVRA Provider

Resources for Providers and Perspective Providers

  • Click here to view a recording of a webinar from June 26, 2020 titled Provider Guidance and Follow-up. ACCESS CODE: 5L&?H99&.  Download this pdf file.Click here to view a transcript of the event.
  • Click here to read a transcript of a webinar in May 2020 detailing changes to the Outsourcing Manual. 
  • Click here to view the webinar: "Collaborative Partnerships: Strategies for CRPs on Pre-Employment Transition Services."
  • Click here for VR's Message to Prospective Service Providers.
  • Click here, here and here to read answers to questions related to Pre-ETS posed at a Provider Summit in Feb. 2020.​
  • Click here for resources from the February 28th Pre-ETS Training.