Success Stories

What Happens After the Game

Mecole Hardman is a popular man with the kids at Friends Helping Friends, but it’s not for the reasons one would think. They don’t care that he can run a 4.42 second forty-yard dash. They don’t care that he played in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, and they don’t care that he’s been described as the top athlete in this year’s recruiting class.They just like that he’s nice and fun to be around, and for them, that’s enough.
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From Doubt to Success

Tekela Thomas started work at the Georgia School for the Deaf in early January this year, and already she’s thinking about a career change. Sort of.
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1,684 Miles, a Computer and a Job

Hernando DelaCruz was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, a village in the northwest corner of the country and near the Caribbean Sea. That’s where his journey started. Seven years removed and 1,684 miles away from Barranquilla, DelaCruz has made a new home in Georgia’s capitol city. Like all journeys, this one had its share of unique challenges. DelaCruz was born with cerebral palsy, a permanent movement disorder that can lead to problems with muscle control, but he knew one surefire way to continue along his path toward where he wanted to go: knowledge.
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Figuring it out

Kimberly Blue is an administrative assistant at Cole Electric in Atlanta, a position she’s held for more than four months. Her job duties are typical for the position: making copies, organizing paperwork and, largely, answering and transferring phone calls. This wouldn’t have been a job Kimberly could have held prior to her time with Vocational Rehabilitation.
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The Courage to Keep Going

Jameisha Burden is a 22-year-old participant in Easter Seals’ West Georgia’s Supported Employment program. She was referred by GVRA on September 13 of last year. Jameisha has spent the last four years trying to gain meaningful employment.
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Gaining Confidence One Cut at a Time

Keyvis Russell was born deaf, and because of that, when he’s working at Visio Hair Salon in Rome he can’t hear the bell on the door announcing a new customer. He can’t hear the buzz of the clippers when they’re in his hand, and he can’t talk to his supervisor because his supervisor doesn’t speak American Sign Language.
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