February 29, 2024

From Animal Lover to Professional Hands that Heal - A Client’s Journey to Becoming a Veterinarian

Headshot of Dr. Reece smiling in her white coat

From the time she was a young girl, Dr. Alanna Reece knew she wanted to work with animals. Throughout her childhood in Perry, she enjoyed gymnastics, horseback riding, and taking care of her cats. 

Reece attended public schools in her hometown but graduated from a home-school environment. She credits her parents with encouraging her to pursue her goal of working with animals. Reece has been a GVRA client for seven years, and last fall she completed her plan.

After graduating from high school, Reece wanted to pursue post-secondary education, so she applied to GVRA for tuition assistance. The financial support she received from GVRA enabled her to attend the University of Georgia, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science. She went on to earn a master’s in veterinary biomedical science and a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Lincoln Memorial University. 

Reece is currently working as a veterinarian at Houston Lake Animal Hospital in Warner Robins. While most of the work she performs is at the clinic, she sometimes travels to pet owners’ homes. “During the home visits, I typically administer at-home vaccines and perform wellness exams ranging from healthy to ear infections, and sick exams,” she stated. “I also perform at-home euthanasia to help animals cross over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully in the comfort of their own homes,” Reece continued. 

Reece says her participation in the services offered by GVRA contributed to her success. “The GVRA staff was welcoming, but sometimes the process was a little complicated,” she observed. “The counselors work side-by-side with you, however, to make your dreams come true.

I would recommend GVRA to anyone who qualifies for services,” she added. 

In her spare time, Reece competes in barrel racing with her horses. She and her husband reside in Bonaire, along with their three horses, a mini-Australian Shepherd, and a cat. 

Dr. Reece working on a cheetah on a table
Dr. Reece and her husband holding the reins to three horses


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