PUBLIC COMMENT: Inclusive Post Secondary Education Funding Model

The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) is encouraging members of the public to submit online comments on proposed changes related to the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) funding model for Inclusive Post Secondary Education (IPSE). GVRA and SRC leadership developed a digital presentation to outline these proposed changes. You’ll also find an explanatory PowerPoint presentation (featured in the video) as well as a transcript of the dialogue between GVRA, GAIPSEC and SRC leaders. Public comments will be accepted through Monday, May 25.

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State agency public health emergency response update

As of Friday, May 15, 2020, the Office of the Governor has directed state agencies to continue operating under current Public Health Emergency protocol through May 31, 2020. This supersedes the communication all staff received earlier this afternoon. Employees who are able to telework should continue to do so, and admin-office closure leave will be extended for those unable to perform the essential functions of their positions remotely. We anticipate further guidance at the end of the month. 

A Special Thank You to GIB Staff

Georgia Industries for the Blind leadership thanks staff for work during COVID-19 pandemic.

Memo to staff from GVRA Executive Director Shawn Ryan: Update on COVID-19 response/operations

In the weeks ahead, GVRA will begin a phased-in process of returning to regular business operations. However, with the expiration of the state’s Shelter in Place order today, many of you may have questions about immediate changes.
The answer is, for the time being, we will continue to operate under our current structure. If you are teleworking, you will continue to do so. Those on Admin-Office Closure leave will also continue to receive that benefit.  
Currently, GVRA leadership is developing plans for a modified return to in-office reporting protocol. Our plan will be incremental and will allow flexibility for extenuating circumstances. Our approach will provide guidance for office coverage, address teleconferencing options for client meetings and describe best practices for safety and good workplace hygiene. Please look for future emails and to your supervisors for more specific guidance.
Thank you for your patience and flexibility over the past few weeks. For now, carry on as you have been. Together, we will emerge from these challenges with renewed drive and focus on our mission.






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Gov. Brian Kemp Extends Public Health State of Emergency

This morning, the Office of Governor Brian Kemp announced an extension to Georgia’s Public Health State of Emergency through May 13. In a news release, the Governor said, “This measure will allow us to continue to deploy resources to communities in need, lend support to frontline medical providers, and keep preparing as we brace for potential patient surge in our healthcare facilities. We deeply appreciate the hard work of Georgians who are sheltering in place, using social distancing, and helping us flatten the curve. We are in this fight together.”

At this time, the extension of the State of Emergency does not impact Georgia’s shelter-in-place order, set to expire on April 13, nor the administrative-office closure leave order allowing eligibility for some state employees, set to expire on April 30. However, further announcements may be forthcoming. We will communicate any additional changes to staff via email as well as on our website page dedicated to COVID-19 updates. Until then, employees should keep teleworking if currently doing so, stay in close contact with their supervisors and follow all state directives and public health guidance.

On Behalf of GVRA Executive Director Shawn Ryan

I want to reassure you, your health and the wellbeing of our clients is paramount. In my message to all of you yesterday, I shared that I will not reopen any GVRA location before it is thoroughly sanitized to prevent the spread of illness. To accommodate that cleaning timeline, allow for social distancing and align with a new directive Monday night from the Office of Governor Brian Kemp, I am now extending our current operating status through April 30. 


A Message from the Executive Director: Continuing our important work during COVID-19 response

I hope each of you are in good health and are following all ordinances and best practices intended to keep you and your families safe. As we receive further guidance from the Office of the Governor, we will pass that information along and apply any directives across our programs.

At this time, clean environments are our key priority. Our facilities and fiscal staff is coordinating with program leadership and local managers to ensure deep cleaning statewide. We will not restore any locations to standard operations until those sites are fully sanitized. Your managers will provide any forthcoming updates.

If you are currently teleworking, please continue to do so as we begin this new week. Ensure you are communicating regularly with your managers to prioritize tasks. Additionally, please check your email frequently and look for updates at and on social media.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication and commitment to do good work. Though our present challenges are unprecedented, the importance of our mission remains constant, and each of you play a key role to fulfill that mission. We will navigate the coming weeks together.
Shawn Ryan
GVRA Executive Director

COVID-19 Operations Update for GVRA Staff

In accordance with a directive from the Office of Governor Brian Kemp to close non-essential offices and shift to teleworking arrangements for all employees whose positions allow, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) Executive Director Shawn Ryan issued an update Thursday night. 

COVID-19 update and GVRA Impact

In-person client meetings are temporarily suspended.

Pre-ETS Proposals Still Due March 30

Despite recent events, the decision has been made that the due date for Pre-ETS proposals will not change.  All proposals are due by 5 p.m. Monday, March 30. We understand this is a challenging time, and we appreciate all those who submit proposals.