Delayed Opening for State Offices Tuesday 2.16.21

State offices will have a delayed opening on 2.16.21.

Roosevelt Warm Springs 2020 Annual Report released

The Roosevelt Warm Springs (RWS) 2020 Annual Report has been released and may be reviewed Download this pdf file. here . In the report, you will find enrollment numbers, student outcomes and programmatic information for the SFY 2020. 

You can find additional information about RWS here.

State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) 2020 Annual Report

The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) of Georgia is pleased to release its 2020 Annual Report. 

North Georgia staff urged to use caution when traveling

The National Weather Service (NWS) predicts freezing temperatures, precipitation, wind gusts and the possibility of icy roads in the northern parts of our state overnight Thursday into Friday morning. 

Share your public comment: Order of Selection Implementation

The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) and Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency(GVRA) welcome your input on GVRA's proposed closure of Priority Categories two (2) and three (3) to ensure availability of resources for those individuals in Priority Category one (1).

Martin, Perdue reappointed to GVRS Board

Dr. Vincent Martin will begin his third term, and Faye Perdue, who is also the Board's Vice Chair, will begin her second term. The GVRS Board, which was legislatively established in 2012, has nine members who provide operational guidance and oversight to the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) and its five programs. 

PUBLIC COMMENTS: Order of Selection and Closure of Priority Categories 2 and 3

After careful consideration, review of available resources, input from the State Rehabilitation Council, and analysis of projected fiscal limitations, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program has determined a need to prioritize those individuals in greatest need of services in order to obtain competitive integrated employment.

RWS Phase One of Reopening Underway

The campus at Roosevelt Warm Springs has reopened to a small number of students of part of a phased reopening plan.

Reporting time delayed Thursday for GVRA residential service campus staff

With the approach of Hurricane Zeta, reporting time will be delayed until noon for staff assigned to Roosevelt Warm Springs (RWS) and Cave Spring Center (CSC) on Thursday, 10.29.2020. 

Tropical Storm Announcement

A short announcement to staff about inclement weather