Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Services

What is WIPA?

Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (WIPA) services are available to individuals receiving SSI or SSDI benefits through a cooperative agreement between GVRA and the Social Security Administration.

WIPA Navigators help Social Security disability beneficiaries become more self-sufficient by explaining how employment could impact their benefits. WIPA Navigators support individuals by helping them understand the complex process of maintaining SSI or SSDI benefits while working.

What can WIPA help me do?

WIPA can help you find a job or start a business, protect your finances while you work or save for school, preserve Medicare or Medicaid while your work or save for school, participate in Federal and State work incentive programs.

Am I in a WIPA service area?

If you're in the state of Georgia, you're in an area that offers WIPA assistance, either through GVRA or Shepherd Center. GVRA proudly serves citizens receiving SSI or SSDI in 119 counties across Central and South Georgia. Individuals residing in the north and northwestern end of the state are serviced by the Shepherd Center. Counties served by GVRA are included below. If you are unsure whether or not you live in GVRA’s service territory, please contact a representative. They will help you determine which agency serves you.

wipa map.png

How can I learn more?

WIPA Navigators help you find a way back to work. We analyze your benefits package and explain how working could impact it. Once you move forward with employment, WIPA Navigators show you how to maintain key benefits like Medicare and Medicaid. Contact us today to schedule a free, customized benefits analysis with an experienced WIPA Navigator.

Toll Free: 1-844-For-WIPA (1-844-367-9472)
For referrals, email:
For relay, dial: 1-800-255-0135 or 711
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST