Business Enterprise Program

The Business Enterprise Program (BEP) was created through federal legislation under the Randolph-Sheppard Act of 1936. The program was enacted to "provide blind persons with remunerative employment, enlarging the economic opportunities of the blind, and stimulating the blind to greater efforts in striving to make themselves self-supporting." 

The federal and state statutes governing this program provide a "priority" for blind vendors to operate food service facilities in federal and government buildings. County and city buildings are not included in this priority, but many county and city governments collaborate with the Business Enterprises Program for their food service facilities to be operated by vendors in the program. 

 GVRA’s BEP creates opportunities for qualified GVRA consumers, who are legally blind, to become independent business owners in the food service industry. The program provides classroom and operational skills training with an emphasis in food service management, quality customer service, menu planning, health and safety, and merchandising. The program offers participants the opportunity to achieve a dependable income, and benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, and a sound retirement. 

How to Apply 

Candidates for the Business Enterprises Program must be legally blind, a United States citizen and a customer of GVRA’s VR program. For additional information about becoming a vendor please refer to the BEP Training Consumer Guide 2019 (Word) and contact Business Enterprises Program. 

Establish a Business Enterprises Program Food Vendor at Your Workplace 

From snack bars and vending machines to full food service operations, Business Enterprises Program can provide your workplace with a quality, on-site facility run by trained professionals. Business Enterprise Program facilities are managed by licensed blind vendors and overseen by qualified Business Enterprise Consultants working for GVRA.  

Services or Business Opportunities include the operation of: 

  • Snack bars,  

  • Cafeterias,  

  • Coffee bars,  

  • Food courts,  

  • Gift and Sundry shops, 

  • Micro markets, 

  • Laundry operations,  

  • Military dining facilities,  

  • Vending routes,  

  • Interstate rest areas and welcome centers. 


  • Georgia Academy for the Blind 

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services