March 30, 2023

GVRA’s New Online Referral Portal Now Available to Potential Applicants Seeking Vocational Rehabilitation Services

MARCH 30, 2023

The Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) is pleased to announce the official launch of our online referral portal, an automated option for individuals with a disability seeking employment through the agency’s vocational rehabilitation services program.

The new online portal provides a quicker and easier process for anyone with a permanent disability who wants to work or needs services. Using the online link, prospective clients can complete a referral form and upload the required documents without having to go into an office. Individuals will also receive a referral number that allows staff and prospective clients to track and quickly locate a referral through our new customer call center. The link is available here on the agency’s website: GVRA Referral Website (

“We recognize the importance of a ‘virtual’ system for prospective clients who may lack access to transportation or who may face other barriers to services and programs,” says GVRA Executive Director Chris Wells, also noting that offering the online referral system underscores the Governor’s commitment to leveraging technology to increase service delivery to all Georgians. “The portal, along with other assistance GVRA offers, will make an enormous difference to individuals seeking help and the families who support them.”

GVRA developed the online version of its referral system following an assessment of the agency’s intake process and a review of feedback from clients, providers, staff, and potential clients. Prior to the launch, individuals seeking vocational services through GVRA would go to an office or wait for a call back to provide the documents needed to complete the referral for services. The referral portal now allows supporters, guardians, providers, parents or individuals seeking services to complete an online form and submit them as part of the new streamlined process that takes only minutes.

Media Contact: Carla Murphy, Public Affairs Officer/Director of Communications, [email protected]