(Atlanta) - GVRA Wednesday announced a new step towards a virtual referral process for vocational rehabilitation clients. The first stage is the launch of an open forum that will walk prospective referrals through the VR process and help people and families know what to expect when considering applying for GVRA services to seek competitive integrated employment. The forum will also include a question and answer session and an opportunity for open dialogue with individuals and their support networks. 

"The forums aren't intended to replace the one-on-one relationships that we want all counselors to develop with clients," said Jennifer Howell, Assistant Director of Client Services. "This is simply an extra resource for those with possible transportation barriers or just an initial curiosity. We do hope, however, that this virtual Q&A will help us get consistent information out there and help people decide whether VR fits with their overall plans and goals."

GVRA will offer two sessions every Wednesday at 12:00 noon and 6:30 pm starting Wednesday, 9.22.21. (The links to the first sessions can be found below.)  No preregistration is required, and CART transcription is provided. However, attendees may request other accommodations by emailing [email protected] no less that two days before the event.

Wednesday, September 22 at 12:00 pm


Meeting ID: 812 8203 8161
Passcode: Uc2vMZ
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Wednesday, September 22 and 6:30 pm


Meeting ID: 893 4495 4102
Passcode: v6AREs
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