AWT Assistive Work Technology

AWT Team

The Assistive Technology unit of the GVRA Vocational Rehabilitation program includes a one of a kind team of assistive work technology (AWT) specialists built around the Regional and Tri-Regional organization of VR. Each Tri-Region has a Rehabilitation Engineer, an Occupational Therapist, and a Rehabilitation Technician; each Region has a Rehabilitation Technologist.

The Process

The AWT staff begins client services after receiving a referral from a VR Counselor. A comprehensive cost-free assessment is made of the client’s abilities and disabilities to determine assistive technology requirements that will allow the client to meet the vocational goals of the Work Plan.

The assessment process begins with the Rehab Technologist, and includes other team members as their specialties are required. AWT recommendations may involve anything from assistive work technology devices to education designed to determine and develop vocational skills.

After completion of the assessment, AWT staff will locate the commercially manufactured Assistive Work Technology device, including cost and provider, determine if training will be required, and address any additional fabrication or installation requirements.