Termination Process

Termination of employment - whether voluntary or involuntary – marks the end of the employment relationship between the agency and the employee. A voluntary termination occurs when an employee leaves a job on his or her own initiative, as with a resignation or retirement. An involuntary termination is one initiated by the agency, and includes a dismissal, reduction in force or end of temporary employment.

Employees who transfer to another program within GVRA or another State of Georgia agency is not considered a termination.

Employee Exit Process

When an employee terminates or resigns from a position within your program/department, Managers need to perform a number of tasks to ensure a smooth exit transition. See the Exiting Employee Checklists for a comprehensive list of items to address when an employee leaves GVRA.

The checklists provided here will help support the transition process when GVRA employees end employment or transfer between programs/departments within the Agency. In addition to the exiting employee checklists, this packet also includes an Exit Survey to be completed by all exiting employees.

Management Checklist for Exiting Employee

Management Checklist for Exiting Employee is completed by the Manager of the terminating employee.

Management Checklist for Exiting Employee is completed on or prior to the terminating employee’s last day of work.

Send the completed signed checklist to the Office of Human Resources along with PAR, 988, Exit Interview (if applicable), employee resignation and GVRA resignation acknowledgement letters.

Exit Checklist for Employee

The Exit Checklist for Employee is to be completed by the Employee.

The Exit Checklist for Employee is completed on or prior to the terminating employee’s last day of work.

This form can be given to your Manager or sent directly to the Office of Human Resources.

Exit Interview Survey

GVRA ask their employees to participate either in an exit interview with your manager or complete the exit interview survey on-line. If the employee chooses to use the on-line survey, data will be maintained by the GVRA Office of Human Resources. We would like obtain feedback from departing employees that will better equip GVRA to implement process changes to help improve the work environment of the Agency. By completing the Exit Interview Survey, the departing employee can provide an excellent source of information to measure how well we are meeting our goal of making GVRA a great place to work

If you wish to complete a paper version, download and print the survey - Adobe Exit Interview Form.

Final Pay Check

Your final paycheck will be issued the same pay period as your last day worked, unless you are an hourly employee. It will be distributed as usual (i.e., direct deposit) unless other arrangements are made with the Payroll office.

Regular full-time employees are not paid on a lag. If your last physical day or last day on the payroll is June 30 your final working paycheck will be issued on June 30.

Hourly employees are paid on a lag and will receive their last paycheck 2 weeks after the last pay period worked.  

Payment for Unused Accrued Leave

Upon termination, all accrued and unused annual leave that has not been forfeited, up to a maximum of 360 hours, will be paid in lump sum to the employees.

When a separation date has been set administratively to permit employees to be paid for unused leave, the pay status of employees will not be extended for the purpose of granting a holiday or an unanticipated non-work day occurring after the last day in pay status.

When employees notify supervisors of separation, they must not be continued on the payroll in leave with pay status for the purpose of increasing the rate of leave accrual or the rate at which accrued leave would be paid.


The Employees' Retirement System (ERS) manages the retirement process for eligible employees. Benefits through ERS include service retirement, disability retirement and survivor benefits.

Members of ERS become vested for service retirement after accumulating ten (10) years of creditable service.

Members of ERS who are under age sixty (60) and become totally and permanently disabled from the further performance of duties in their positions may apply for disability retirement benefits if they have accumulated at least 13 years and 4 months of creditable service.

Members are encouraged to have current beneficiary information on file with ERS.

Members should refer to the EXPLANATION OF BENEFITS Booklet published by ERS for comprehensive retirement benefits information or visit the ERS web site at www.ers.ga.gov.

If you are planning on retiring please contact ERS and complete the ERS Service Retirement Application.

Before Retirement

Workshop for Retirement Application Processing (WRAP)

Representatives from your ERS Pension Plan, State Health Insurance and Peach State Reserves 457 and 401(k) Plans give an overview of retirement benefits in this three-hour workshop. This event is intended for members who will retire within 90 days of the WRAP session they attend.

NEW! The ERS Pension Plan WRAP Presentation is now available online in a 40-minute video. Links to State Health Insurance and GaBreeze are also available. See our website at www.ers.ga.gov for details.

Withdraw your Retirement Contributions

If you choose to withdraw your contributions from the Employees’ Retirement System or the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan you can request a refund online by logging in to your account on the ERSGA website at https://secure.ers.ga.gov/ERSGALogin.aspx and select “Request a Refund” to initiate the refund process. If you do not have an online account, register at https://secure.ers.ga.gov/and then click the "Register" button. Contact Information for Pension/Retirement information - Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia 800-805-4609, or 404-350-6300


The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) is a federal law that requires the State of Georgia to allow you and your covered dependents to continue health/dental coverage at your expense.  The Office of Human Resources will notify the State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) and GaBreeze (Flexible Benefits) once the terminating PAR is processed via the system. SHBP and GaBreeze will mail information regarding your COBRA enrollment to your home address when they are notified of your separation from employment.  You may also contact State Health Benefit Plan at 1-800-610-1863 or refer to the website at https://dch.georgia.gov/state-health-benefit-plan-shbp for information about continuation of benefits. For Flexible Benefits -participates enroll in Cobra through GaBreeze at www.gabreeze.ga.gov or at 1-877-342-7339. An accurate forwarding address should be updated in Employee Self Service prior to last day of employment.