As part of Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency’s (GVRA’s) ongoing process improvement initiatives, we have evaluated the frequency of our accounts payable processing. In an effort to streamline the current process and increase efficiency, we are implementing a new process, which involves changing the frequency of payments from daily disbursements to semi-weekly disbursements.

Testing on the new disbursement process began March 1, 2021. We anticipate full implementation of the new disbursement process effective April 1, 2021. Beginning April 1, 2021 GVRA will begin disbursing funds for accounts payable payments on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Please continue to submit invoices to GVRA in your normal manner, no later than 30 days after services are completed, and payments will be disbursed within the agreed upon payment terms. The change will not delay payments. ACH payments will continue to be deposited immediately to accounts when payments are processed.

We hope our providers will find this change results in more efficient processing of GVRA related billings timely.