(Atlanta) - In January 2020, the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) provided input for the State Plan and recommended that the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency’s (GVRA) Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program consider closing priority categories to effectively manage current resources.  Earlier this month, GVRA announced plans to follow that recommendation by closing priority categories two (2) and three (3).

After further review, we have decided to postpone the planned December 1, 2020 implementation of that closure to January 1, 2021 to allow additional time for communication on the impact of category closures via public hearings in collaboration with the SRC. In the days ahead, we will post a presentation, materials and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document online along with a public comment form at gvs.ga.gov. Comments will be accepted for thirty (30) days after these items become available. Please monitor your email for further information on these resources, and support the process by sharing the opportunity to comment with your clients and partners.  

As a reminder, each state vocational rehabilitation agency is required to have an established process through which to determine priority of service in the event resources are limited. The VR program uses an Order of Selection (OOS) which has been in place in Georgia since 1979 and is addressed in the Rehabilitation Services Administration approved State Plan. This OOS allows us to ensure resources are available to assist those clients whose needs present significant urgency.

OOS is based on the below categories:

  • Priority Category 1 - individuals with the most significant disabilities
  • Priority Category 2 - individuals with significant disabilities
  • Priority Category 3 - individuals with any permanent disability 

Again, we reiterate that VR eligible clients actively participating in an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) effective before January 1, 2021 shall continue to receive the services on the IPE. Additionally, potentially eligible students known to Vocational Rehabilitation will continue to receive Pre-Employment Transition Services.

Additional information on priority categories can be found Download this pdf file.here . Please monitor agency platforms for instructions on how to access the public comment form once the presentation is available.