GVRA Partner 'Friends Helping Friends' Awards Camp Scholarship

July 5, 2018

(Elberton) - Friends Helping Friends Club, Inc. recently awarded a summer camp scholarship for 2018 Elbert County Comprehensive High School (ECCHS) graduate Salona Allen to travel to North Dakota where she learned about the Lakota native culture as she continues her 4-H internship traveling to 14 states learning about a variety of work experiences.  Christi Duncan, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) VR Career Specialist at ECCHS, encouraged Salona to enhance her knowledge base by participating in opportunities available to her through the extension office.  Salona began working with the UGA Elbert County extension office through Great Promise Partnership (GPP) during her senior year at ECCHS.  Through this partnership between ECCHS, VR, the extension office, GPP and FHF, she was given opportunities to be involved with many wonderful interactive projects and trips. 

Several organizations proudly partner to provide Elbert County students successfully proven tools essential for job training experiences.  Friends Helping Friends Club (FHF), Inc. donated over $40,000 in the past year, to assist Elbert County Schools providing students overcoming special challenges, with educational opportunities including school trips, special events, summer camps, school supplies for special education teachers and students, sensory motor development school equipment, FHF Scholarships, etc. (at no cost to the students served or to the school system).  GVRA provides a Career Specialist/Christi Duncan at ECCHS via the new VR pilot program assisting students facing special challenges in their pursuit of pre-employment transition opportunities.  UGA Extension is a county, state and federal funded organization supported by specialists in the University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.  Georgia 4-H, the largest youth program in the state, helps over 170,000 students in grades 5-12 develop many workforce skills including leadership, decision-making, record keeping, public speaking and teamwork as they explore projects in health, science, agriculture and the arts.  GPP is a public-private partnership that empowers and equips students to complete high school while gaining real-world job skills and experience, creating a path to personal success and the workforce of the future. Engaging with GPP offers Georgia employers an opportunity to address the critical need of recruiting and developing the next generation of workforce talent. The program works with students, with the promise that if they will continue their education, GPP will support their efforts and help them prepare for further education, military service or the workforce after graduation. 

Working together these non-profit organizations are available to assist Elbert County students in providing enrichment educational experiences equipping them with skills essential for a successful future.

This article was contributed by Friends Helping Friends Founder and Georgia Vocational Services Board Secretary, Sandy Adams.

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