Georgia's E3 Program Engages Youth through Mobile Technology

February 12, 2018

(Atlanta) - For more than two years, Georgia’s E3 Program, funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, has used social media to engage employers and students alike in a push to open up more opportunities to youth with disabilities. This month, the E3, which stands for ‘Explore, Engage, Employ’, steps up its game with two new apps designed to increase students’ interest in career planning and bolster independent thinking and living skills.

Developed by Atlanta-based Tiny Monsters, Inc., ‘Souptastic’ challenges students to reach higher levels by playing as an avatar in a kitchen. The game incorporates real-world scenarios and educational modules with colorful characters. The other game, ‘Get That Gig’, challenges students to build memory skills by playing through five decks of memory cards, which focus on subjects like high demand careers, healthy living habits, household chores that build transferrable skills, appropriate work attire, and soft skills.  Both games are coming to Google Play and the Apple Store soon and will be unveiled at a February 19th event at 9 a.m. the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf in Clarkston.

“We’re connecting with students using the technology they find most fun,” said Lauri Tuten, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency’s (GVRA) Director of Transition. “When they interact with these games, they’ll stay plugged into E3, and naturally become more involved in a program that directs participants toward career planning.”

The E3 launched in 2016, in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education and Poses Family Foundation. Seven school districts in Georgia are now involved, and work closely with GVRA Transition Counselors to help students explore career options at a young age.  

“The E3 has always encouraged non-traditional routes to assist young people with disabilities as they develop career skills,” said GVRA Executive Director Sean T. Casey. “These apps will only help improve relationships counselors have already developed in E3 districts and across the state.”

Event Details:

Georgia’s E3 Program: Looking to the Future

Monday, February 19, 9 a.m.

Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, 890 N. Indian Creek Dr., Clarkston, GA 30021

To register, click here.


About GVRA

GVRA is the state’s Vocational Rehabilitation organization.  It was established through legislative action in 2012 with the goal of helping every Georgian with a disability who wants a career to attain success. The organization incudes five programs: vocational rehabilitation, Roosevelt Warm Springs and Cave Spring Center, Georgia Industries for the Blind, the Business Enterprise Program and Disability Adjudication Services.  More information is available at

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