Overcoming Barriers: How One Client Rose Above

By CRC Frenche Wilkerson

When people think about the word barrier, they often think it’s a stopping point. No way past. Time to turn around. But GVRA client David Frazier didn’t see it this way. To him, it was a challenge to overcome.

Newly released from prison, David walked into the Savannah Vocational Rehabilitation office ready and eager to move forward with a new career, but he wasn’t sure he was in the right place. Initially, he was unaware of the particulars of the program, but he was assured that he was in good hands and that he should trust in the process.

After a meeting with his counselor and several phones calls to community resources he was enrolled in the Chatham Apprentice Program (CAP) Fall 2016 class. Through the assistance of CAP and VR, he was able to obtain his Jockey Truck training certification and Transportation Work Identification Card.

Both of these credentials are highly recognized in the logistics field in Savannah. In accordance with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the logistics field is a “High Demand Career Initiate,” which helps bridge the gap between the private sector and the local skilled workforce.

According to the Georgia Department of Labor’s website, “Logistics service providers and transportation companies in Georgia gain competitive and strategic business advantages operating in the transportation “super hub” of the Southeast.

David was definitely in the right place at the perfect time. Through job readiness and placement assistance, he was able to land a job with TICO, the largest terminal and tractor fleet in North America.

David said he was very grateful for the resources and assistance provided to him.

Within a matter of months, his life had changed dramatically, and because of this he thanked his counselor for the support and encouragement provided to him.