A VR Veteran Shares His Inspiration

 "Let's face it - I am not here for the money; I love what I do.  And I don't sugarcoat my statements."   Scott Dekowski is a Rehabilitation Blindness Specialty Counselor serving Dublin, Savannah, and surrounding areas.  He's blunt; he's honest, and he's intense about his job, repeating that he went into this profession because he wanted to help people.  His passion for working with blind and low-vision clients has buoyed him through 20 years of sometimes-turbulent service for the State of Georgia, encompassing several agencies, work units, and managers.  "I got burned out for a while," he remembers, "but I came back because I love the people I work with."

Indeed. Scott's M.O. is "I love working with blind clients, and I'm good at it." He's proud to say his clients have learned to triumph over their physical and logistical obstacles.  He challenges his clients to be empowered, be creative, and forge their own pathways to career success.  He fosters a spirit of self-determination in his clients, summarizing crisply:  "If you have been unable to work, and you want to work, you are going to find a way to work; if you can access an opportunity, then you're going to take that chance and recognize the opportunity with the respect that it deserves."  

Scott is emphatic about encouraging self-reliance. He reiterates: "We can give clients information, and we can help them, but we cannot do their jobs for them.  You must have your own motivation."  And his manner of relating to clients?  Again, blunt, anchored in hard reality, not babying: "People with disabilities are like everyone else; everyone must work hard and use the resources available to us." 

True words - maybe hard to hear sometimes, but said - and received - in kindness.

Thank you, Scott, for all you do in GVRA.


Written by GVRA Marketing Manager Kelley Nardell-Powell