What is Possible: A Training Series on Successfully having a Career [and Full Life] with a Disability

This page will highlight a collaborative effort between GVRA and former VR client Susan Jolly as Susan shares her tips and tricks to succeed in the workplace and beyond. It will be updated as more lessons become available. 

Below, you'll find a brief bio of Susan as well as links to the video lessons.

A headshot of Susan Jolly behind a pink background

Susan Jolly is a technologist, mentor, and mother, who has spent her career as an individual with a disability.  After sustaining life-changing injuries during college, Susan invested 11 years in finishing her degree.  Since then, she's moved cross-country, raised a son, and built a successful career in technology.  Like many others, Susan has encountered both challenges and triumphs.  At each turn, however, she has focused on the possible rather than the difficult - and now she has a bit of inspirational advice for those building careers amidst adverse circumstances. Her website can be found here.

Introduction Video

Lesson 1 -- The Wheel of Life Video
Download this doc file. Wheel of Life Activity Sheet