Living the American Dream

Moving to a new country and adopting a new culture can be difficult for anyone, but for Andrew Stewart that was only the beginning of his experience in America. Andrew left Jamaica nearly a decade ago to build a new life in Savannah, GA.

Initially, Andrew found it difficult to find work in Savannah as well. It was not until he enrolled at the Royce Learning Center (RLC) did things start to improve.

Staff at the RLC referred Andrew to Savannah's VR office. After working with his counselor for a period, Andrew was transferred to Employment Services for help with finding work. His Employment Consultant, Kareem Hill, immediately recognized Andrew's potential and knew that he was ready to work. Together, Kareem and Andrew found a job at Trace, Inc. Trace, Inc. provides personnel for the Army’s Commissary and Hospitality Units. Trace Inc. helps ensure that individuals with disabilities have the same opportunities others enjoy.

Early in his time at Trace, Inc., Andrew experienced several challenges that threatened his long-term success. After addressing those challenges and working with his Employment Consultant, Andrew made the necessary changes that got things back on track.

Andrew's perseverance led to substantive change for him and his family. Steady employment gave Andrew the confidence needed to tackle new goals and gain new responsibilities. Andrew became a supervisor after only 90 days of work, securing a salary of more than $30,000 a year that allows him to provide a better life for his son. He says, “It feels good to be self-sufficient and able to provide for your family without having to rely on others.”

Andrew is proud of his journey and that he is a productive member of society. He encourages others to take advantage of the same opportunities he did.