GVRA Print Collateral

Below is an ever-expanding list of all print brochures and other collateral we have available. If you or your organization would like to request physical copies of these materials, please complete this form or email Patrice Meadows (patrice.meadows@gvs.ga.gov). The same process is in place for branded marketing items as well. NOTE: The quality of these images is low resolution. We request that if you'd like printed copies, you make a formal request so that we can get you the highest quality versions of these documents.

Client Facing:
BEP: Business Enterprise Program; Seeing SuccessBusiness Enterprise Program (BEP) – describes the process for a blind individual to become a vendor through BEP.







E3: Your Future Begins Now

Transition/E3 Brochure – provides information to youth on services available through GVRA’s Transition Department and the E3 program, including career planning and work skills development; targeted to students and out-of-school youth between the ages of 14 and 24.






GVRA: The Right Talent for the Right Job.Client Services Brochure – provides overview of the VR process from client intake to job placement, and guidance regarding services available.






GVRA: We Help Georgians with Disabilities Go to WorkWe Help Georgians with Disabilities Go to Work – provides overview of all 5 statutory programs, including the Business Enterprise Program (BEP), Cave Spring Center (CSC)/Roosevelt Warm Springs (RWS), Disability Adjudication Services (DAS), Georgia Industries for the Blind (GIB), and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).

Career and Independent Living Success with Autism Spectrum DisordersAutism Spectrum Disorder Brochure – provides resources to clients on the autism spectrum and their families from a parent-centered perspective.

Cave Spring Center; a unit of the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency,  Guiding Adults with Disabilities to Successful EmploymentCave Spring Center (CSC) Brochure – describes the residential and instructional services provided at Cave Spring Center.







T.E.A.M 26: Because your next top performer might just be an American HeroTEAM 26 Brochure – provides information on services available to veterans through GVRA’s TEAM 26.

Business Facing:
Work Opportunity Tax CreditWork Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Brochure – describes $9,600 tax credit available to employers upon the initial hire of an individual with a disability.

Federal Tax Credits; Connect, Recruit, SucceedFederal Employer Tax Credit Brochure – describes various tax credits available to employers who hire individuals with disabilities, including the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and the Architectural Barrier Removal Credit.






You are Hiring & We Can Help; Th Right Talent for the Right Job, Employment ServicesEmployment Services Department Overview Brochure – Explains to services provided to clients and businesses via the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Employment Services team, including job profiling, client-to-job matching, and on-the-job support.


Veterans Tax Credit Brochure – Describes credits available to businesses hiring service-disabled veterans.Employer Veterans Tax Credit







Georgia Industries for the Blind; Providing Career Opportunities to Individuals Who are Blind.Georgia Industries for the Blind Brochure – details products (classification folders, pillows, safety vests) and services (logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, screen-printing).

Share Your Success; We want to know more about your accomplishments. Share career success with us at communications@gvs.ga.gov. We also welcome any comments or suggestions to make sure everyone has a great experience with Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency. Success Story Card – provides contact information to submit success stories to GVRA Communications.

Excellent customer service is our promise to you! Gvs.ga.gov. Wecare@gvs.ga.gov 844-FOR-GVRACustomer Care Card – provides contact information for GVRA’s customer care toll-free number.