Georgia State Rehabilitation Council

About the Georgia State Rehabilitation Council

The Georgia State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) is a federally mandated council composed of Georgia citizens from across the state appointed by the Governor to represent a broad range of individuals with disabilities and stakeholders. 
The SRC collaborates with the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency to develop plans for services and make 
recommendations to assist individuals with disabilities achieve employment and independence. 

SRC Mission 

To collaborate with the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency in planning and providing comprehensive and 
effective services that assist individuals with disabilities to achieve their employment goals and contribute to 
Georgia’s economy. 

SRC Vision 

To be a strategic partner with the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency to make Georgia the best state for 
people with disabilities to live, work and thrive. 

SRC Philosophy and Values 

We believe individuals with disabilities should have equal opportunity for employment and participation in their 
communities. All people deserve the best; therefore these are the cornerstones which we value: 
Meaningful Work 
Informed Choice 
Self Determination 
Trust and Integrity 
Positive and Effective Change 
Purposeful Collaboration 


Georgia State Rehabilitation Council 
Robin Blount
200 Piedmont Ave. 5th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30338 
Phone: 470-259-1720