DBHDD/GVRA Supported Employment Collaboration for Individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities

The Department of Behavioral Health Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) and Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency’s (GVRA) Supported Employment Collaboration went live state wide March 1st 2018. The goal of the collaboration is to support individuals with significant disabilities in finding and maintaining competitive-integrative employment. GVRA is the primary funding source for the initial phases of Supported Employment services.

DBHDD will be the funding source for long-term Supported Employment services following GVRA Services.

Individuals will be referred to GVRA from DBHDD for the initial phases of Supported Employment. Individuals will be referred from GVRA to DBHDD for long term support. Long -term supports may be waiver funded, State funded, or Employment Express funded.

GVRA is supporting this collaboration with 12 Dedicated Counselors and other designated staff across the Agency. The intent is for DBHDD Intake Coordinators, Planning List Administrators/Supervisors, State Services Coordinators, and Support Coordinators to work collaboratively with our Team Leads and assigned staff in delivering Supported Employment Services to dually enrolled I.D.D. individuals. 

GVRA has developed the procedure in order to receive DBHDD referrals.  In order for GVRA to provide Supported Employment services, you must complete a DBHDD referral form.  Upon completion of this Referral Form (click here for the form), the individual/guardian, or designee will be contacted by GVRA staff member.  It is imperative that cases being referred from DBHDD be submitted by clicking the link above.