Celeste Harris: A Great Catch for VR

Celeste Harris poses with a fish she caught
Celeste Harris poses with a fish she caught

Celeste Harris, Service Area Manager for VR’s 1-A division, loves fishing and Vocational Rehabilitation - but not necessarily in that order.

Harris, an Alabama native, started with the State of Georgia’s VR program in 1998, obtaining a Master’s Degree in 1999 and becoming a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor in 2000.  She then moved into management, and she often reflects on her time with GVRA: “I love VR! Vocational rehabilitation offers opportunities for individuals with disabilities to augment their sense of self-worth, and that is so rewarding to witness.”   

Vocational rehabilitation, Celeste continues, provides individuals with disabilities the chance to access services that they normally would not receive – regardless of the disability involved, VR helps these individuals to bolster a sense of self-worth, which is absolutely necessary when attaining employment.  “This gives them a great feeling of accomplishment,” she repeats, “and it’s so rewarding.”  

When asked for her own words of wisdom to guide new GVRA employees, Celeste offered some constructive advice – “Trust the process; trust the training you receive; and learn to implement this training.”  Celeste appreciates the transparency of current leadership and would love to see additional opportunities for professional learning.  “At GVRA, she says, “we are used to doing the best that we can – if we see a need, we fill it; we make it work; we are a family-oriented agency and we go across job lines and descriptions in order to provide quality service.”   

And as for her other great love?  Well, Celeste tells me about it: “I love to fish – fishing is therapeutic; it helps my focus and concentration.” She fishes both fresh and salt water, from ponds to rivers to the Atlantic Ocean…from bream to bluegill, whiting to red snapper, Celeste is a great angler.   

We thank you, Celeste, for your service to GVRA, and for sharing your interests with us!