Descriptions of GVRA Administrative Offices

Office of the Executive Director - Shawn Ryan

In addition to its executive and directorial capacity, the Office of the Executive Director includes staff responsible for legislative relations, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Services (GVRA) Board relations, State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) relations, and Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) relations.

Office of Business Applications (OBA)

This Office provides technical support for Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency’s (GVRA) programs and other Administrative Offices, supporting case management and providing training for staff who serve clients on the front lines. In 2018, the Business Applications team upgraded the case management application to improve efficiency of documentation and vocational rehabilitation service.

Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM)

This Office is responsible for all internal and external communications on behalf of Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA), including disability community relations and media relations. Media relations include requests for interviews and any contacts with television, radio and print entities. Part of the communications process involves management of GVRA’s website and social media accounts. Additionally, this is the public relations arm of GVRA, developing strategic marketing plans and advertising campaigns intended to share information about services available to clients, businesses and other stakeholders. The OCM also is responsible for the correct application of GVRA’s logos. This office processes all requests for marketing materials, including but not limited to brochures, rollout banners, signage, and promotional materials reflecting the brand, and approves sponsorships.


Office of Facilities (OF)

This Office oversees and maintains owned and leased properties, including buildings and the vehicle fleet. In addition, staff assist fellow employees with access to properties, helping them obtain identification badges and parking access.

Office of Fiscal Operations (OFO)

The Office of Fiscal Services has both internal and external customers. Staff process payroll, oversee the budget and manage procurement, among other responsibilities. The OFS also ensures federal, state and local compliance in administration of all funds.

Office of the General Counsel (OGC)

This Office provides legal support at the agency level, to core programs and to the other seven agency administrative offices. Services include open records requests, subpoenas, bankruptcies, garnishments, trademark searches, research, review of complex contracts, negotiations, customer complaints and investigations. Privacy issues, immigration, bonds, contracts, policy, safety and procurement all fall within the realm of the General Counsel.

Office of Human Resources (OHR)

This Office administers employee benefits, including leaves of absences and workers compensation, performance management and the maintenance of employee records. Under employee relations, issues surrounding progressive discipline and internal investigations are handled and ADA accommodations requests are evaluated. Additionally, talent acquisition is the process through which qualified candidates are identified to ensure Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) recruits and retains the best possible team. Once hired, OHR offers ongoing employee engagement programs and professional development in relevant fields via its training and development unit, which coordinates appropriate learning opportunities and administers learning credits.

Office of Information Technology (OIT)

This Office is responsible for the technical infrastructure of Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA), including management of GVRA’s domain and email. Additionally, the IT team supports the hardware and software needs of all staff, including installation, special requests, orders and trouble shooting.

Office of Strategy and Innovation (OSI)

This Office supports the programs and other Offices by developing the annual Strategic Plan and helping set benchmarks to monitor performance. The team provides support functions with a Grants Manager, Strategy Manager and Program Evaluator. Its goal is to ensure overall alignment of all functions with GVRA’s mission.